Specs - Material Specifications


Material Specifications
Drawer Slides

100 lbs. full extension, side mounted, zinc plated steel drawer slides.

Drawer Boxes

Our drawers are made of five pieces: two sides, front, back and bottom. The bottom of a drawer box is flush with the sides, the front and the back. This results in a very smooth operation when opening and closing drawers. In almost all drawers in the market there is a lip at the bottom which generally catches the clothing. All drawer box parts are made of 5/8" thick white MCP (Melamine Coated Panels) and are dowelled and screwed with 1 5/8" long screws. This would ensure a very high-quality drawer box which will last for many years.

Vertical Panels, Shelves and Drawer Fronts

All vertical panels, adjustable shelves and locking shelves are made of 3/4" thick thermally fused melamine panels. Under intense heat and pressure melamine resin and particle board are fused together. Melamine Coated Panel known as (MCP) is highly resistant to scratching, has very good impact characteristic, and provides ease of maintenance. Use of 3/4" thick panels provides additional strength against shelf warping and deflection.


Our Wire Pull Handles are made of 1/4 " diameter steel finished in shiny chrome, brushed chrome. Handles have an overall length of 4 1/8" (96 mm or 3 3/4 " center to center of holes) and 1 1/8" depth.

We do not drill holes for door handles.

Rod and Supports

We use an oval shape rod 1 1/4"x 11/16" made of 1/16" thick steel with a polished chrome finish. Rod supports are made of steel, chrome plated with 2 pins on the back for insertion in 32 mm system holes.

To ensure the stability of the rods, we always add a semi-fixed shelf directly above the rod. Vertical panels, if not supported properly would slightly buckle over time. This would result in extra space where the rods are. As a result, they become loose or simply drop off their supports.


Basket width will remain the same when unit width is either:

  1. 18” or 19.5”
  2. 24” or 25.5”
  3. 30” or 31.5”